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  Vespasian Security   Society of St James   PBCRP Finalists in the 2017 OSPA’s for Partnerships

The Portsmouth Business Crime Reduction Partnership helps businesses deal with theft, antisocial behaviour, burglary and violent crime.

Reduced staff morale from threats, intimidation, violence, and the perception by potential customers of an unsafe area, can adversely impact on the viability of local and city shopping centres, affecting both the daytime and night-time economy.

Join us now and make a difference!
"Over the last year we have had over 50 deters due to Intel from PBCRP. We've had multiple positive ID'S of suspects previously unknown to us. This year we have seen a massive decrease in theft from 10k LY to 3K TY. Our overall performance in wastage has seen us better any other branch in our business. 1.4% to sales This has been massively helped by our involvement in PBCRP"

"In the last 6 months, since we’ve engaged with PBCRP, our shrinkage has reduced by a massive 80%"

Our database provider stated "Overall you appear to have one of the most dynamic Partnerships as indicated by the usage levels of your DISC system. Maybe most important of all, you have a high level of participation; DISC is a powerful tool to support this"
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