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Licensing Act Advice From Hampshire Constabulary

The advice below will assist you in operating your premises in a way which is compliant with the Licensing Act 2003 and remains supportive of the licensing objectives:

Premises Licence Summary

This should be placed in a position within the premises where customers are able to see it clearly. It is a requirement of the Licensing Act 2003 to have this placed on the premises and is an offence not to do so.

If you are missing a copy you can contact and they will advise how to obtain a new one.

Full Premises Licence

This is the licence with all your conditions on. It details what you are required to have in place at the premises in law. Failing to be able to show this to a council officer or Police officer on request is an offence under the Licensing Act 2003. Failing to adhere to the conditions on the licence is also an offence under the Licensing Act 2003. Again contact council licensing if you are missing a copy. If you have any issues with complying with the conditions then please contact us at the earliest opportunity and we can discuss this with you.

Age Verification Policy

The Licensing Act 2003 specifies that every licensed premises have an age verification policy. This means that every premises needs a process by way they check the age of someone before serving them alcohol. As such we strongly advise the operation of a Challenge 25 age verification policy. This means that anyone who attends the premises and appears under the age of 25 must be asked for a valid form of ID. This can be a valid driving licence, valid passport with hologram, military ID with date of birth or pass card. If the person cannot provide a valid form of ID then the person is refused service. This is a national standard and has been very successful in preventing sales to under age people across the country and Portsmouth.

Fill out this form to set up your own AVP: Age Verification Policy

Authorisation to sell alcohol

The Licensing Act 2003 specifies that every sale of alcohol must be authorised by the Designated Premises Supervisor or a Personal Licence Holder. Whilst I appreciate that you have probably verbally authorised your staff to sell alcohol. However having this documented and signed by the DPS will show that staff have been authorised and is a good piece of due diligence.

Use this form to record that you have authorised your staff to sell alcohol: Authorisation to sell alcohol


Training Documentation

Training is critical in ensuring that your staff do not put your licence at risk by doing silly things such as selling alcohol to persons under the age of 18, serving drunk persons, ensuring refusals are logged and ensuring you run a premises compliant with the law. Whilst you do train your staff currently you have no documentation to show what you have trained. This can cause you problems should staff make a mistake if it’s not documented. Having this documentation proves you have trained staff and is a great piece of due diligence. We strongly advise that you re train staff every 6 months as a minimum to ensure that they remember what is expected of them.

Refusals logs

Having a refusals log is a great way of showing that your staff refuse sales of alcohol to persons who should not be served. This can be used as evidence to support yourselves should there be complaints of sales of alcohol to children or drunks. This is something that is vital in showing good work performed at your premises.

Use this form to create a log: Refusals Log.


We strongly advise that CCTV is used at premises. Is always fully operational and there is always someone on site who can burn a copy off for Police or Council Officers on request. Our advice is to ensure that other staff members are trained in its use and that some spare CDs/Data sticks are kept to one side to burn off a copy should an incident occur at the premises or should you be required to provide CCTV to assist an investigation outside the premises.

Challenge 25 Signage

Display a Challenge 25 Poster somewhere prominent behind the bar. This will show customers your Age Verification Policy and will also potentially diffuse issues when customers become irate at being asked for Identifications.

Download a poster here: Challenge 25 poster

We strongly advise that the following items are kept in a marked folder behind the bar. This will enable officers to see quickly what measures you have in place and ensure that any documents can be easily accessed: