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Yellow Card - How It Works

Organisations & individuals involved in the licensing process must carry out their functions or run their businesses with a view to promoting the licensing objectives.

These objectives are:

With this in mind Portsmouth BCRP will now introduce a new initiative...

The Yellow Card Scheme

How does it work?

The Yellow Card scheme is managed through PBCRP members/security and the scheme manager;

By introducing the Yellow Card scheme we aim to warn offenders that their actions are unacceptable and that they could be banned from members for an entire year, in doing so we can reduce the amount of alcohol related crime, disorder & public nuisance occurring in the night time economy, 'Target Harden' prolific offenders and promote a positive city image.

Who issues Yellow/Red cards?

Yellow Cards can be issued primarily by door staff and management. Prolific offenders eventually will become known to staff and by reporting any exclusion breaches by offenders, members, via the database we will send out a clear message to those whose behaviour is unacceptable.


By reducing the amount of disruptive drinkers from areas where their excessive behaviour is likely to provoke trouble or cause Anti-Social Behaviour we will be upholding and promoting those licensing objectives and be compliant with the Police Reform & Social Responsibility Act, in doing so we will be promoting Portsmouth through a positive press and PR, as a safe city and reducing the fear of crime.